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Smart Pay Is Different

With desktop software you need to get it installed on your computer, setup a backup, and keep up with updates.

Then, after all that, you still need to manually archive everything to a filing cabinet to keep a long term record.

With Smart Pay, it is all done for you!

  • Device: If you don't want a desktop computer, now it's optional! Smart Pay works just as well on an iPad or a phone.
  • Security: Full encryption to keep your employee's data safe.
  • Payslips: Payslips are delivered automatically by email out of the box. The monthly walk around the office is now optional!
  • Backup: As a hosted solution, your data is fully versioned and backed-up every night.
  • Update: Software updates happen seamlessly in the background. So you are always on the latest version.
  • Tax Rates: Updated tax rates are added for you as soon as they are released, no more manually updating each year.
  • Isle of Man: We calculate the payroll using Manx Tax rules. So you don't need to work around a UK solution.
  • Changes: All changes are saved and versioned. So no matter what you can always go back to where you were.
  • Your Data: If you want a copy of every payslip and report sent out. You can. In a single click! It's your data, and we respect that.

You can still keep the filing cabinet if you want. But now that is up to you!


Being in the cloud allows us to automate the more repetitive parts of running a payroll. This means that secure payslips by email and generating bulk bank instruction files are available out of the box.


We use two-factor authentication by default meaning you will be notified any time your account is accessed from an unknown device. Keeping your and your employee's data safe.

Of course, it almost goes without saying this is all fully encrypted while in transit.

Keeping Your Data Safe

All employee and company data is versioned and backed up so if the worst happens don't panic. It is all still there and can be restored in a couple of clicks.


As a fully hosted payroll, Smart Pay can provide you with an Isle of Man compliant payroll without the need for a local server or even a traditional computer.

Use a laptop, iPad or even your phone. It is all web-based so you will be able to update employee details, resend a payslip or even run a full payroll from wherever you have access to the internet and on whatever device you have to hand.

Ease of Access

Being in the cloud allows everyone to get to what they need from wherever they are.

Up to date

Everything is saved as it is entered. So no more forgetting to click save or copying files between machines to keep things in sync.

No Lock-in

Your data is always available. Getting a copy of your whole payroll history is as simple as one click.

Automated Payslips

Payslips are delivered automatically by default allowing you to run a payroll and then get on with your day.

Inbuilt Reporting

Your payslips and government reports are created and saved automatically. So they are always available whenever you need them.


Being in the cloud allows us to automate the more repetitive parts of running a payroll. Leaving you the time to run your company.

Isle of Man Tax Calculator

Employer NIEmployer PensionNINet PayPension ContributionTax

Sometimes you just need to know what you should be paying. Because of this we have created an Isle of Man Tax Calculator.

The calculator covers to most common ways people get paid and will work out your deductions using the figures for the current tax year. If you just want to know what you should be paying this week, this is the tool for you.

Simple Pricing, Nothing Else

We have priced Smart Pay in the same way that we built it: clear and simple. We don't believe in complicated pricing structures, opaque amounts or unfair selling tactics. And we don't charge extra for customer support.

Note, all prices below are per month.

Small Employer Up to 10 employees
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Large Employer Up to 100 employees
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Multi-Company or Enterprise
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